EAA 800 Meeting Minutes
14 Jul 2018

The meeting was called to order by Pres. Kim Neibauer at 10:35 AM.

Twenty-four members were present.

Treasurer Ken Hurt reported $ 1,090 was donated to Young Eagles by Sherry Wilson, Randy Rosedahl and their family group; proceeds from the MM Fat Tire Jamboree was $1,869 less costs, resulting in a balance of $3,869.78 in checking, and $25.01, savings. Ken reminded all that we need and accept donations for our food and drinks. Also, Dues are Due; only 19 of our 35 members are current in this 7 th month of the year!

June meeting minutes were read by Sterling Hurst and were approved by the members.

AirVenture2018 Logistics:

Each attendee must have: a tent for rain, sleeping bag, clothes, jacket, good walking shoes, towel and soap, spending money for stuff and snacks. EAA/HAWK pays for camp fees, lunches/dinner, and passes. We plan for each HAWK Aviator to fly at least one flight leg. Each of us will have a complete list of everyone’s contact phone numbers and be in constant view and communication with each other.

Bill Marvel will publish a detailed plan for all and archive it for our future use.

Meeting adjourned at 11:45 am for another delicious lunch prepared by Ken & Jeri Hurt.


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