EAA 800 Meeting Minutes
16 Jun 2018

The meeting was called to order by VP Bryan Miller at 10:30 AM.

Twenty-one members were present and one guest, Jerry Krebs, from Glenwood Springs who brought aviation books from his pilot father’s estate for members to take if they wanted. EAA800 now has 100’s of aviation books and magazines in the library file cabinets.

Treasurer Ken Hurt reported $1,974.98 in checking (includes $68.25 June lunch donations) and $25.01, savings. Proceeds from the Fat Tire meal services will be added.

May meeting minutes were read by Sterling Hurst and approved by the members.

AirVenture 2018 Plans: Nine HAWK Aviators (youths) have stated intentions to go to Oshkosh as well as seven EAA800 adults. Plans are to take:

Aurthor Beth Stanton, writer of EAA Sport Aviation’s article “Spreading Their Wings” about HAWK Aviators, visited the annual Mack Mesa Fat Tire Jamboree. She absolutely loved the event and received flights in Eddie’s balloon, Randy Miller’s biplane, JF’s helicopter, and Ladd’s Carbon Cub. She fully intends to be back next year.

Meeting adjourned at 11:15 am for another delicious lunch prepared by Ken & Jeri Hurt.


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