EAA 800 Meeting Minutes
21 Apr 2018

The meeting was called to order by Pres. Kim Neibauer at 10:30 AM. About 30 members and one guest present. (These minutes are grouped by subject, not in exact chronologic order.)

Guests: Peter Roelands

Treasurer Report, Ken Hurt: $1,896.28 in checking, $25.01 in savings. DUES are DUE!

Minutes of March meeting were approved with one change. V. Pres. Bryan Miller presided over the March meeting in Kim Neibauer’s absence.

Old Business: Kim and Bryan displayed our 2 new banners “Spirit of Aviation, EAA Chapter 800”. The new name tags were distributed. The lists for Fat Tire volunteers (18 to date) and AirVenture2018 attendees are still open. Seventy EAA800/HAWK T-shirts will be ordered. EAA calendars, $10. Kim has several copies of the Sport Aviation article: “Spreading Their Wings” about the HAWK Aviators story by Beth Stanton. She is an aerobatic pilot who plans to attend the MM Fat Tire Jamboree. Ladd Klinglesmith’s friend and international aerobatic champion Wayne Handley plans to attend the Fat Tire Jamboree also. Bob Boe said he would do the pancakes for breakfast. Sun Country Cub of AZ donated $500 for food. The idea is to prepare simple but good food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The logistics of AirVenture 2018 were discussed. Eddie Clements talked of taking the balloon and trailer for display, tethered, and participate in the night “Balloon Glow” event, and Balloon Pilot Certificates. Michelle Hobbs stressed the importance of each youth being chaperoned at all times. Discussion revolved around carefully choosing who can and should go to AirVenture2018. Kim said we will look for 3 campsites together with a picnic table.

EAA800 Members News: Don Coleman reported on his trip to Sun & Fun Fly-in, “Great Airshow, of course!” He saw his old friends and vendors, the weather was good, a lot of big airplanes. Kim visited EAA Chpt. 14 in San Diego (Brown Field). They had 50-75 members and were VERY interested in HAWK Aviators. Bryan Miller will graduate, Associate Degree, CMSU, Applied Science of Aviation on May 12 (the same day as our EAA800 Meeting). His flight training will continue onward toward Commercial Pilot and Instructor Rating. Jay Scheevel reported that his Tri-Q is nearing ready for engine start up and taxi tests. The DAR from SLC is scheduled to arrive May 17 th . Jay will then work to get ready for flight testing at Walker Field. 34 Years in the making! Congratulations to you, Jay. Sterling brought information of the AOPA Flight Scholarship program which has a May 2 nd application deadline. Eddie mentioned the Musicians Scholarship Fund and Light Speed Headset company giveaway program. Logan Boe mentioned that a teacher of his sings 1940s pop songs for entertainment. The local CAP in now hosting the Flying After Hours (FAH) program at the CAP Building, monthly, each 4 th Wed. at 7 pm.

A beautiful chocolate cake was served in honor of Braden Hobbs (new Private Pilot) and Logan Boe (First Solo Flight).

The next EAA 800 Meeting will be Saturday, May 12, one week before Mack Fat Tire Jamboree.

Meeting adjourned at 11:35 am for another delicious lunch prepared by Ken & Jeri Hurt.


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