EAA 800 Meeting Minutes
17 Mar 2018

The meeting was called to order by Pres. Kim Neibauer at 10:25 AM after JF (and Rlee) Mugnier had given 20 HAWK and EAA chapter members rides in his Eurocopter AS350, five at a time, on this beautiful morning. About 29 members and guests were present.

Guests: Mark Birmingham from West Star Paint Shop

Treasurer Report, Ken Hurt: $2,138.78 in checking, $25.01 in savings. DUES are DUE!

Minutes of February meeting were approved as read.

Old Business: We still have some 2018 EAA Calendars, reduced price is $10. Lists were on the front table for 1) MMFT Jamboree volunteers, 2) Persons needing Name Tags, 3) Those planning to attend Air Venture 2018.

EAA800 Members News: Longtime member Ray Versaw has for sale/donation several airplane plans sets and parts and pieces. After a lifetime of flying big silver airplanes all over the world, Ron Huddleston decided to donate his Aerion Lightning airplane to HAWK Aviators. The plan is to fly it to AirVenture 2018 to attract potential buyers. Eddie explained the intricacies of an FAA legal “Set Aside Statement” in reference to amateur built aircraft being sold to a new owner. Bryan Miller expects to complete his Commercial Pilot program at CMU by May. And then onward to Instrument Rating, High-performance/Complex endorsement, and Flight Instructor certification. After that ‘the sky’s the limit!’ – Or Not – in Bryan’s case.

HAWK Member News: Jake Miller told of the smooth balloon flight and then of the fast updraft at Otto’s Ridge and a skidding, drag landing of about 60 ft. on the flat desert ground. Jake got a raspberry scrape and Michelle Hobbs warned everyone to wear gloves as she got a nasty scrape and cut on her hand. Eddie Clements said there was an unexplainable wind that developed just at the moment of landing. Braden Hobbs is scheduled to take his Private Pilot practical flight test on Mar. 26. So, good luck to you, Braden. Logan Boe got to fly with Bill Marvel in his RV-14A and said it was very exciting, educational, and memorable to fly this new rocket. Eddie reminded us that the May Sport Aviation magazine will have the article featuring the HAWK Aviators story.

New Business: Eddie said he will arrange for AirVenture passes for a certain number of youths. The members discussed the need to set a limited, pre-determined roster of adults and youths for Chapter 800’s campsite at AirVenture; it was too crowded last year. Our group also discussed the logistics of traveling to and from; campsite and other lodging; transporting the balloon; and mentoring and chaperoning of the youths -which is vital. Michelle Hobbs will not be there this time to organize that! AirVenture dates are July 22 through 29. Eddie suggested we arrive on Sat. 21 st , and bring raincoats!

Meeting adjourned at 11:05 am for another delicious lunch prepared by Ken & Jeri Hurt.


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