EAA 800 Meeting Minutes
17 Feb 2018

The meeting was called to order by Pres. Kim Neibauer at 10:35 am. About 29 members and guests present.
Guests: The Truelock family: David, Kimber, Lindsi and Janelle; also Harry Warr.

Treasurer Report, Ken Hurt: $1903.78 in checking, $25.01 in savings.

Minutes of January meeting were approved as read.

Old Business: EAA 800 dues for 2018 is $20. We still have some 2018 EAA Calendars, $10.

New Business: Guest Harry Warr told his very humorous tale of delivering an Aeronca Chief airplane last winter from the mid-west to GJT and the steps he had to do to keep from freezing to death! His warning, “Stay Safe, Stay Warm”, which might be the title of a book he may write of the experience. EAA Chpt. 800 voted to buy two EAA banners from HQ, $20 each; also voted to purchase a new BBQ/Pancake Grill, approx. $300.

EAA800 Members News: Eddie Clements presented an AOPA Gift Flight Bag to Braden Hobbs which included an AOPA membership. Eddie also expressed an appreciation to all the youths and parents involved with HAWK, which is growing stronger with much activity. The group gave a big hand of applause to Logan Boe for accomplishing his First Solo Flight. Congratulations, Logan! Eddie and Sterling shared the story of getting Eddie registered with the IACRA website in the record time of 2 hours, each.

The Kitty Hawk Challenge Group (Braden Hobbs, Pres.; Logan Boe, William McGlochlin, Krista Jankeviciute, Jaiden Venn, Caiden Hobbs, Katlin and Ryan Allen) presented the project to design and build an ultralight airplane this summer during 10 weeks. Some details: 200 lb. useful load, 13+ hp. engine, maybe electric, aerodynamic and materials engineering of wings, fuselage, instruments, control surfaces, etc.

Sterling and Nancy Hurst visited the EAA958 meeting in San Marcos TX. During, and especially after the meeting, they were extremely interested in the HAWK Aviators LLC system and how it was set up legally and accomplished. They had already begun discussing a youth build and flying program. We sent them some of HAWK documents and brochure.

Pres. Kim Neibauer stated we need to produce lists, now, for: 1) MM Fat Tire Jamboree volunteers, 2) AirVenture 2018 attendees, and 3) those needing name tags.

EAA800 will have a formal Young Eagles Program in October, but we can fly individuals anytime. Eddie C. told of the recent balloon flights with HAWK. Michelle Hobbs, Jake Miller, and Krista J. already have flight hours logged towards the Balloon Private Pilot Certificate.

Eddie C. talked of Russell Frank getting a CallAir airplane for towing gliders this summer at Mack Mesa and/or Rifle. Samuel Demintstein, retired airline pilot and flight instructor, wishes to be involved with this glider flying activity. Dalt Garlitz, long-time associate with EAA800 and HAWK, arrived to visit our meeting.

Meeting adjourned.


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