EAA 800 Meeting Minutes
20 Jan 2018

Meeting began at 10:35 am. About 20 members and guests present. [Minutes are not written chronologically, but grouped into like subjects. –Ed.]

Minutes of Dec. meeting read; Officers all re-elected, except Young Eagles Coordinator is Michelle Hobbs. Many thanks to Jerri Hurt for her past service.

Treasurer Report, Ken Hurt: $2,088.70 in checking, less $409 annual chapter fee, $25.01 in savings.

Old Business: EAA800 dues for 2018 is $20. We still have some 2018 EAA Calendars, $10. Members needing nametags, contact Kim or Sterling (about $6).

New Business: EAA800, along with HAWK Aviators, will host the meals for the annual Mack Mesa Fat Tire Jamboree, May 18-20 (Fri., Sat. and Sun.) as a fund raiser. We need volunteers. Krista J. was the first to volunteer. Manager Ladd Klinglesmith, said the pilot registration for FTJ is online and ‘already has a huge response’. The flying group called Ladies Love Tail Draggers, headed by Elizabeth Reese, is planning their annual fly-in and now have 95 votes to have it at Mack Mesa Airport this year. Beth Stanton, journalist for SPORT AVIATION magazine, is writing a photo article about EAA800 and HAWK Aviators. She interviewed Eddie Clements, Shay Boe, Michelle Hobbs, Sterling Hurst and others for the story that will appear sometime in the Spring. Chapter 800 voted affirmative to sponsor and organize a campsite(s) at AirVenture 2018.

EAA800 Members News: Bill Marvel reported his RV-14 has 200 hrs. flight time and now flying ‘all over everywhere’ and has learned a lot of new stuff. Jay Scheevel’s Tri-Q is coming along, in painting process, fuel tests and will fly soon. Worth mentioning again, Braden Hobbs scored a 92% on his Private Written Exam while Bryan Miller also scored a 92% on his Commercial Written exam. Both are progressing towards higher flying goals (pun intended)!

HAWK Aviators news: Eddie Clements flew 6 kids in the beautiful, well flying balloon and, at one point tried to land at Pat [Wheling’s] place, but too many power lines. Jake Miller has a logbook and is building balloon flying time. There is an AD on Cherokee N9606W involving the control wheel which has a small crack. The problem is that there is no production of these anymore and parts are rare, and may require a repair that can be finally approved by FAA. Braden Hobbs made a prototype replica via 3-D printer at school . Jay Scheevel suggested Steve Wood may possibly do a stress analysis and maybe work towards an STC. Jay said after near completion of his acft project he will join HAWK. Sailplane Pilot Samuel Demitstein wants to get involved with HAWK. He is a 20,000 hr. pilot, CFI, lives in Rifle, has a DGA80 glider and wants to base here at Mack Mesa. There is a HAWK directors meeting Feb. 26, 10:30 am. Tim Allen of Bulldog Machine company, flanked by several HAWK youths, proposed a Kitty Hawk Challenge program for the purpose of having youths, overseen by mentors, design and build an Ultra Light Airplane starting now.

Other news: EAA1373: two Zenith 750’s and other projects almost completed. Bill Marvel reported GJRAA possibly shutting down RY 04-22 to save money. There will be runway upgrade construction with closure period this summer at Delta-Blake (AJZ). Moab (CNY) airport is closed until May, runway construction.

Meeting adjorned 11:35 am.


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