EAA 800 Meeting Minutes
21 Oct 2017

Meeting was convened by Pres. Kim Neibauer at 10:25 am.

Treasurer Ken Hurt reported $ 2,047.56 in checking, and $ 25.01 savings.

Young Eagles Coordinator Jeri Hurt stated our Young Eagle Program (Sat., Oct. 7) had a great, successful and safe Day with 21 new Young Eagle flights, plus a couple of parents also. A great big "Thank You" to the numerous ground people and the 5 EAA800 pilots with their airplanes. It went all exactly well and on schedule. Truly, the day was a life learning experience for youths and adults. Jeri also reported that we sold a lot of T-shirts.

Guests included Kurt Sanderson and son Rylan, who flew in Cherokee N9606W (Kurt was involved at West Star Avn who helped paint the Cherokee); Lucas Birmingham (his Dad Mark also with West Star Avn); Jamie and daughter Flor Roark; Diane Chambers; Kelly Johnston; DJ Molny (aerobatic pilot). Several of the guests, youths and adults, expressed an interest in HAWK.

It was noted that the new framed picture on the wall is of NASA Austronaut Randy Bresnik, USMC Col. Commander of the orbiting ISS. He holds several records of space time in flight. Just Google his name. He is the brother-in-law of our own long-time flier and friend, Ladd Klinglesmith!

Eddie Clements reported that Elizabeth Reese is considering proposing Mack Mesa Aprt to be this year's fly-in for the Women Love Taildraggers (.COM) flying organisation.

EAA Calendars: Sterling will contact EAA1373. This is the year 800 orders for both.

Kim will contact El Tapatio restaurant about our Christmas Lunch.

Eddie Clements has delivered several equipment donations from AI, John McClelland for HAWK. Also, he stated that there is an experimental Bushby Mustang II for sale near-by (1978, 140 HP, conventional gear, work needed to complete).

In regards to Copper State 2017 Fly-In (Falcon Field, Mesa AZ), preparations and logistics are being planned.

At the end of our meeting (adjorned 11:10 am), Dave Krogman, General Manager of West Star Aviation, appeared with his lovely wife. I know that I did not have the time to properly introduce and welcome them to our group because of the hub-bub.

Great Young Eagles Day!


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