EAA 800 Meeting Minutes
17 Jul 2017

President Kim Neibauer opened the meeting at 10:30am.

Guests were introduced and recognized: Corrie Jankevicinte and daughter Krista; Lisa Blanck and sons Rory and Shane; Arlis Olson (EAA35, San Antonio TX) and Louis Viggiano.

Treasurer’s Report: Ken Hurt reported $1,925 checking; and $25.01 savings. Also he stated that donations for our food sometimes breaks even – donations are encouraged and accepted.

Kim stated that Copper State Fly-in (Mesa AZ) is October 27-28. Kim and Roger Bulla plan to go in their KR-2’s.

Kim talked of the “Basic Med” system for Private Pilot. Dr. Scott Vincent MD will soon be the local AME.

Oshkosh AirVenture 2017 Logistics: All who are going to OSH will meet after this meeting. We expect 2 vehicles, one trailer and 4 aircraft from Mack Mesa and Grand Junction. EAA HQ is supplying the youth tickets. We must be sure to acknowledge and thank Charlie Becker of national EAA, who has arranged this and much else for EAA800’s presence there.

Bryan Miller will take his Instrument Pilot check ride very soon. Shat Boe told of her Skyhawk N35441 exciting and adventurous X-C flight: 10CO-APA-FNL area-SBS-10CO. There was a sighting of a drone or UFO near her cruising altitude north of Denver.

Kim announced a “Celebration of Life” day in memory of Marge Guziak, former EAA800 Member. It will be at Marge and Ray’s daughter’s home.

Eddie Clements discussed Balloon donations of envelope, basket, burner and other equipment. Associated expenses and insurance contract are, of course, the problems.

Graham Meyer (EAA 1373) reported building projects in their Chapter and invited us all to their meeting, each first Saturday of each month.

Meeting adjourned.


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