EAA 800 Meeting Minutes
21 Jan 2017

The January 21, 2017 meeting was called to order by President Kim Neibauer.

There were 20 members present .

Treasurer’s Report from Ken Hurt: $345 paid to EAA HQ for annual insurance and chapter fee; $50 paid for Young Eagle demonstration materials; approximately $1790 checking and $25 savings; chapter annual dues $20 now; 2017 EAA calendars are $10 each.

Minutes of the October meeting were read and approved, also Treasurer’s Report.

First-time Guest Bill Martsolf was introduced and welcomed.

Member Bryan Miller reported he passed a ‘Stage Flight Check’ in his CMU Flight Program, which includes Commercial, Instrument and Instructor certifications.

Member Jay Scheevel explained the complexities of proper electrical wiring of his Tri-Q200 project. The paperwork for the FAA is even more complex and tabled for the moment.

Member Bill Marvel reported he has flown 75 hours in their RV14A (N465MM) and waiting to get a time slot to have it painted. He said, “Get this, Marty specifically asked me to build this airplane for her because she was tired of looking at the back of my head!” [in their previous tandem seat RV8]. Bill also reported on the continuing political intrigue at GJRA in regards to removing the prison type fences and gates.

New Business: President Kim lead discussion in reference to 2017 Chapter 800 plans. Items are: A fund raiser Pancake Breakfast; Jay Scheevel will do a presentation about aerodynamics and flight characteristics; Eddie Clements suggested contacting the NWS for long range weather forecasts to plan our Young Eagle dates; need to start planning for 2017 AirVenture; Eddie Clements will have a new HAWK Aviator letter .

Meeting adjourned for hot chili lunch and airplane talk at 11:42 am.


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