EAA 800 Meeting Minutes
17 Sep 2016

Meeting began at 1020 hours on Sept. 17, 2016, with Bryan Miller presiding.

Treasurerís report by Ken Hurt - $2084.56.

Young Eagles in two weeks. First flight will begin at 0900 hours. Volunteers show at 0800 hours and debrief at 0830 hours. Remember, all pilots have to have an EAA background check before flying children. Ground crew will be covered by Jeri's and others background checks.

Don Coleman presented "Rise Above." It is a commemoration for the "colored" pilots of WWII. It will be held at the CAF hangar from 1330-1630 hours on Sept. 21-24. All are invited to attend.

Jessica will be co-ordinator for HAWK kids on Saturday at 0930 hours. Eddie Clements gave a report about HAWK. The 172 has been donated, officially. Weststar has volunteered to paint the Cherokee. The Varieze is being processed for donation to HAWK. HAWK needs more mentors/instructors. Lots of kids are showing up. This is a good problem!

New Business:

When are you going to deal with the hangar situation? (Hawk #2 still needs to be built). Asphalt repair for the runway? EAA involvement?
Jay moved that EAA pay for hangar a month at a time. Seconded by Ken.
Motion removed from "table" for further discussion at a later date.

Adjournment - Don Coleman. Seconded by Pat.


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