EAA 800 Meeting Minutes
18 Jun 2016

President Kim Neibauer called our meeting to order about 10:20 AM in Ladd’s hangar at Mack Mesa Airport. There were 25 members and guests present.

Minutes: of the May meeting were approved as read with a motion and second by Sterling Hurst and Ken Hurt.

Treasurer’s report: Ken reported a current balance of $2364.67 in checking. The Fat Tire Festival Saturday meals fund raiser in May had $490 in expenses and receipts of $800 which included someone’s donated winnings. His report was approved as given with a motion and second by Sterling Hurst and ____. Ladd Klinglesmith made a motion that we apply proceeds from that fundraiser toward 2 Campsites at Oshkosh for Hawk and EAA 800 attendees. Roger Olander seconded the motion and it was approved. President Neibauer asked Ken if the donation from Dana’s Comanche had been received from the Jochums and was included in the current balance. Ken said he would research the question since he did not remember if he had received it. [His research showed that that money had been received over a year ago.]

Upcoming Dates:
       June 19 – Sky Island fly-in at Delta
       June 26 – West Winds fly-in at Delta
       July 2 – Granby Chapter Pancake Breakfast 7AM
       July 24 – 31 – EAA AirVenture Oshkosh WI
       Aug 19 – a Friday, 9 to noon, Aviation Day at CMU’s Ponderosa Hall, for 7th graders
       Oct 1 – Young Eagles date, will need pilots, rain day 10/8

HAWK Aviators update: Slow progress. Lots of little stuff to work on.

New Business: Oshkosh planning –

Our speaker was Steve Wood, member of GJT Airport Authority Board of Directors. He brought a flywheel, crankshaft and propeller and described the troubleshooting process his company had gone through to figure out why two crankshafts had each failed at around 62 hrs of flight time. A British paper from WWII titled “Main Synchronous Speed of a Direct Drive Aero Engine” was helpful in determining that the problem had to do with torsional resonance.

The meeting was adjourned at 12:15 for a lunch of burgers, brats, dump cake and hangar talk.

Our next meeting will be Saturday, July 16 at 10 AM. Program details to come!


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