EAA 800 Meeting Minutes
19 Mar 2016

Former president Syndi Jochums called our meeting to order at 10:01 AM in Ladd’s hangar at Mack Mesa Airport. There were 18 members present including our speaker, Leonard Felix, from Olathe.

Minutes of the Febuary meeting were approved as read with a motion and second by Randy Owen and Don Coleman. The Treasurer’s report: Although Ken did not have the figures with him, he did make members aware that the donations in the can for lunches has not been covering the cost of buying the food. Please ante up and do your part to make certain that guests know that a donation is expected if they partake.

Jeri reminded us that there would be only the one scheduled Young Eagles program this year on the 3rd weekend of September. There may be other specially arranged flights. One has been requested by Melanie Malloy on 4/9 for an 8 yr old. Randy Owen volunteered to do that one. Any YE flights after May 1 will have to be done by pilots who‘ve completed the online training and background check which EAA is requiring. Jeri reported that she has been focusing on spreading word to High School counseling departments about our YE and HAWK programs. She has been to PHS and CHS already. Central High invited us to come to their Career Day in the fall and talk about flying as a career. She will go to FMHS on 4/6 and GJHS on 4/7. We hope to get kids interested in careers in aviation referred to us by the schools.

A reminder was given about securing housing for Oshkosh if you are attending this year. The information from Ripon College that was forwarded with the meeting notice is one option. There is a bus that runs between the college and the airport several times a day.

Ladd announced that the Mack Mesa Fat Tire Jamboree Fly-In will be May 20-22. If EAA 800 and/or HAWK Aviators would like to prepare and sell meals from Friday supper through Sunday breakfast as a fundraiser, he can provide a head count from registrations.

HAWK Aviators update: the Dakota Hawk is close to ready. It will be getting a prop, but continues to have other little problems that need fixing. Kids had their first ground school lesson, taught by Michelle Hobbs. Classes will be on the 2nd & 4th Saturdays from 10 to 11 AM in the Hawk Aviators office. Michelle is recommending purchase of the ASA syllabus for $20. Interested adults are also invited.

Our speaker, Leonard Felix, owner of Olathe Crop Dusting service and a pilot for 48 years, showed an Aerial Application DVD and talked about changes in the crop dusting business over the years. Especially mentioned was precision spraying and safety equipment. When he began his business, life expectancy was 2 yrs for crop dusters! He must have done a lot right to have made it this far. Members had a number of questions and appreciated his presentation.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:58 for a lunch of burgers and brats and visiting.

Our next meeting will be on April 16. Details to come!


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