EAA 800 Meeting Minutes
20 Feb 2016

President Kim Neibauer called our meeting to order at shortly after 10 AM in Ladd Klinglesmith’s hangar at Mack Mesa Airport. There were 31 present for the meeting with more coming in time for lunch. Guests were: Paige Cosby, Joel and Silas Bishop, David Baxter and our speaker, Bob Maloney.

Minutes of the January meeting were approved as read after a name correction from ‘Parker’ to ‘Cosby’ in paragraph three. The Treasurer’s report indicating the following balances in the bank was approved: savings~ $25.01 checking~ $1373.73.

Kim reminded the membership of the recent directive from National EAA headquarters regarding volunteers who work with children under 18 requiring training and a background check. EAA’s intent is to create the safest environment possible for young people in EAA and Young Eagle programs AND to protect volunteers. Go to this website http://www.eaa.org/en/eaa/aviation-education-and-resources/eaa-youth-education/youth-protection-policy-and-program for further information and to complete the free online training and background check. Both President, Kim and YE Coordinator, Jeri Hurt, have taken the training and background check and found it did not take long – less than half an hour.

Jeri informed us that there would be only one scheduled Young Eagles program this year on the 3rd weekend of September. There may be other specially arranged flights. Any YE flights after May 1 will have to be done by pilots who‘ve completed the online training and background check described above.

Kim urged any who plan to go to Oshkosh this year to be making reservations. Lodging spaces are filling fast. Camping near aircraft is an option. Our HAWK Aviators will be displaying the Dakota Hawk and member Ladd Klinglesmith will be returning this year for the STOL contest, so let’s go support them!

Members Page information on our website: eaa800.org needs to be updated. The Members Page is password protected and for members only. The password is available from most club members. Membership Roster personal data is OPT IN, so please email Steve Lindemann, our webmaster, at sml7291@gmail.com what, if any, data you want displayed there.

HAWK Aviators update: the Dakota Hawk is practically ready. It still needs a prop and some tweaking. The Piper Cherokee 140 has been given new windows and they are now working on seat upholstery.

Our speaker, Bob Maloney, recounted his experiences as the first USMC pilot trained to fly the Harrier. He flew it from 1971 to 1975 and had nearly 800 hrs. Members had plenty of questions and enjoyed his presentation.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:35 for a lunch of loaded potatoes and lots of visiting.

Ladd will be arranging the program for our next meeting on March 19. Details to come!


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