EAA 800 Meeting Minutes
17 Oct 2015

The meeting was opened at 10:25 by Syndi Jochums.

Guest was introduced:
  Jeff Goodrich - Building a Multi Rotor Aircraft

September minutes were read and approved.

Treasurers Report:
  $125 paid toward Hawk Hanger
  $2069.05 in checking,
  additional $85 from Brian for T-Shirts sold at airshow

Report was approved.

An expiration date was voted on for the EAA contribution toward Hawk Hanger Rent
  Present agreement to split the rent will expire at then end of 2016.

YE report was mailed in by Barb Friedman, 30 Kids went for rides.
  T shirts were donated for volunteers, will be distributed at November meeting.
  Barb noted she does not want to be the YE coordinator position for 2016

Brian reported that the airshow went well, $ 120 in donations was collected
  Many kids tried the airplane on ground.

After the meeting, the EAA will be providing food for the event at Mack as a fundraiser
  EAA800 members can eat for 1/2 price.
  Next YE event was planned for April 16 2016, rain date April 23

Elections to be held at the December meeting / Christmas Party
  Sterling will arrange place, probably at the Golden Coral.
  Syndi does not wish to run again, Ladd said he will take the job for a year if requested.

John confirmed that EAA800 is not a 501c3 corporation.
  Dakota is not owned by EAA800. Now that is near completion it was voted to
  transfer ownership to the HAWK society.

Sterling will be looking for a location for the November and January meetings.

Eddie reported on the HAWK airplanes.
  The Dakota is progressing well, we could use more homebuilts at next airshow.
  We now have a nearly completed Zenith 701 light sport kit.
  Some damage was done to the 701 on the trip to Colorado when a microburst blew over the trailer when stopped.
  A possible donation of a wood wing Mooney was also mentioned.
  Plans are to take the Hawk to Oshkosh next summer and as many kids as possible.
  Will try to get King School to donate a pilot ground school training course.
  The next project is to figure out how to set up the training program.

The Christmas party is planned for December 12, 2015.

Ray Versaw has some sets of airplane plans for sale, 970-241-3858 or see the EAA800 web site.

Hawk Society could use a file cabinet and a fireproof safe for document storage.

The meeting was closed at 11:25


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