EAA 800 Meeting Minutes
15 Aug 2015

The meeting was opened at 10:16 by Syndi Jochums.

Guest were introduced:
  Buddy David, thyroid cancer patient, cowboy, oil field worker
  Peggy Caldwell, KGJT, Super Cub Pilot
  Elija - Build participant, sophomore in HS
  Jake - Build participant

A lunch Meeting with Jim Davis was suggested, no official action taken.

The minutes were read and approved.

Treasurers Report:
  Savings and checking - no change
  Have new donation form to try
  Cresthaven Peaches for sale from the treasurer.
  Report was approved.

YE Report, Barb Friedman Dates: Sep 19, rain date Sep 26
  Pilot and ground crews to pass around, need volunteers.
  Colorado flight Center can provide 1 pilot and airplane
  Crestone has been notified, no answer yet.

Brian Miller -
  Trying to get Hawk insurance organized.

Eddie¡¯s Hawk Aviators Report
  He spent a lot of time in OSH with Vendors.
  Commented on Rutan's SkiGull, 140kt powered glider,
  Hope to bring Kids to OSH next year, need funds, have tower tour lined up
  New Carb, new Custom Prince Prop (7 lb), BC 30A alternator all donated
  Aircraft Spatialities donating alternator gear ($1000)
  Sandia to donate new transponder
  Wicks to donate misc parts
  JF Helicopter ride lined up, possible next week,
    Thank you letter will be boarding pass
  Working for Camping at OSH for the Kids (more than came in A/C)

Ladd report on OSH, he was very impressed, can't put into words
  Described landing and parking operation
  Flew in Monday Airshow, met all the airshow classic people
    Goal was not to ground loop or crash in the 20kt crosswind
  Challenged chapter to have next July meeting at OSH
  Flew demos off ultralite strip for a couple of hours each day

Don Coleman report on OSH - 40 th year
  Has grown from a small get together,
  Buildings are donated
  Breakfast tent blew down in storm, a new building is being donated.
  Most donations come from the volunteers

Syndi proposed a joint meeting with 1373 in October or Sep 12 in Crawford,Nucla?

Oct 10-11 GJT airshow - shall we have the meeting at the airshow?

Jake MIller showed his dog Harley at Mesa county fair,
  working on his beef project for next year, raised $4500
  steer weightede in at 895 lb

Meeting closed at 11:39


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