EAA 800 Meeting Minutes
18 Jul 2015

Chapter President Syndi Jochums called the meeting to order at 10:15.

June minutes were read and approved with a motion by Sterling Hurst and a second by Kim Neibauer.

Ken Hurt, Treasurer, reported that the chapter has $1913.53 in savings, $25.01 in checking. The report was approved by the membership. It was also noted that there is a $2500 check yet to be deposited.

There was no Webmaster report.

Bryan Miller, V. Pres., announced that the HAWK society will have a free booth at the Oct. 10-11 air show at Grand Jct Regional Airport. There will be space to display 1-3 airplanes. He also said that the trade name had been changed to HAWK Aviators, primarily because someone already owned the internet domain name HAWK Society. Parts still needed for the HAWK are listed under old business.

OLD BUSINESS: An email from Young Eagles Coordinator Barb Friedman reminded pilots and ground crew to be sure to commit to flying and crewing for the September 19th YE date. Please send her notice of your commitment to: barbfri@gmail.com She also stated that the September YE meet will be her last one. Be thinking about whether you would like to serve the chapter in that capacity for next year.

Eddie Clements and others involved reported that the HAWK build was close, but not ready for Oshkhosh this year. The engine is looking good and will be 'certified'. Current needs are: 1) a carburetor, 2) an alternator, 3) push rods, 4) a transponder, and 5) a prop. Possible costs could amount to $2,000. Good deals and donations will be sought by Eddie, the master of the deal, and others while at Oshkhosh! A future need upon completion will be insurance, which could cost $3500 a year. Fundraising ideas include selling memberships in the group, and soliciting donations of aircraft which could then be sold. John Caldwell informed us that if a donor accepts the value that the donation sells for, an appraisal is not necessary to satisfy the IRS.

NEW BUSINESS: ideas for future meetings - Cindy was contacted by Jim Davis, a cancer survivor from Mt. Home, Arkansas EAA 775 about a presentation which gives hope to cancer patiients. He then gives an airplane ride to a cancer victim. Cindy invited him to our August meeting. He will need a loaner car, a hotel room and some premium gas in return.

Ken Hurt suggested that Mike Pacini, a local kid, now a test pilot at Edwards AFB, can give a program on a new crash avoidance system in Military aviation. Ken will check with him to see when he could be here.

The meeting adjourned at 11:07 for brats & burgers.

Nancy Hurst acting secretary.


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