EAA 800 Meeting Minutes
20 Jun 2015

Meeting was opened at 10:14 by Syndi Jochums.

Dennis is back.

Minutes were read and approved

No treasures or webmaster report.

Sterling reported on DeHavaland rebuild company, also works with kids.

Old Business:
Hawk.. Going well
  Belly finished, great paint by Anthony
  Engine Case halves together
  New Slick mag kit was donated
  Possible Alternation from Plane Power
  Bracket has donated new style air filter
  Firewall and Cowl mounts are installed.
  Engine mounts are on the way at a discount.
  Propeller may be delay just to backlog
  Possible prop in new airplane donated, just would need hub for O200
  Looking into Artwork for airplane
  Possible Glasair 300 donation, can sell perhaps 20k
  Possible parts at Ft Wayne EAA chapter

  Eddies starter trade, will buy for $255 as shown on paperwork.
  Eddie has about $300 in bills he paid needs to be paid back.
  Sold donated (from Ladd) mini alternator for $320 net.
Approved $300 in expenses Eddie had paid.
  Zenith 601 possible to be donated, Long way to go.
  Need to have appraised for IRS so he can write off if donated.
  Has Subaru engine with belt drive, workmanship looks OK
  Wings are done,
  Carbon Fiber instrument panel is being built.

New Business:
CAF open house today, gate will be held open,
  Red Tails Mustang P51C and other AC on display
  Mustang rides for $2500.

Ladd will participate in STOL competition in Oshkosh.

Meeting closed at 11:12


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