EAA 800 Meeting Minutes
17 Jan 2015

Meeting was opened at 10:20 by Syndi Jochums.

Guest were introduced:
  Victor Young AC mechanic chief deputy coroner for Mesa County
  Ken Hurt, first time here since last year

Minutes were read and approved.

Treasurers Report:
  $ 1394.00 checking,
  1900.55 start, registration has been sent to FAA, Starter has been paid for
  EAA renewal has been paid,
  Dues Due, $20 per family

Web Steve was not present, no report

Old Business:

Brian, Hawk, new starter has arrived, the engine open, to remove starter drive and check,
  The camshaft needs to be reground, lifters not great, basic engine OK
  The fireproof shield was installed on the firewall,
  Metal is to be installed, the rudder controls are progressing,
  Tail assembly is nearly done,
  the 501C3 has received state #, federal to be sent in next.
  Hawk Society: High country Aviation Workshop for Kids,
  $50 for state 501C3, $700-800 est for federal. The state corporation has been formed.
  We need the IRS approval to make contributions deductible.
  We will need to transfer assets to new corporation.
  Insurance is probably not available, we will have a wavier for all pilots and passengers.
    Have to make sure legal guardian signs wavier.
  EAA 800 and HAWK Society will work together. Corporate officers are:
    Brian Miller President
    Kim Neibauer Vice President
    John Caldwell Treasurer
    John Wilson Secretary

Thanks to Jerry Hurt for food department.

What to do with funds ($2500) from Comanche sale. Moved to give to Dana's family, Approved
  Sterling will get Card for the gift.

Have Candy to sell, Sterling and Parker are organizing sales.
  Can Sell at other groups, Main Street, We have 420 bars to sell.

New Label for donation buckets for Hawk Society, should say where money is going.

Eddie has $400 bill for parts, brake parts, hardware, fiberfax, glue,
  Will need engine mount adapters ($120)
  Old starter has been sent back ($100 credit),
  We have the donated money ($900) for the new prop
  Estimate $145 to regrind Camshaft
  May need new or refurbished lifters
  est $500-$600 to fix engine.
  We Would like to find new alternator
  Estimate is around $1500 to finish, Sterling will put out plea for $.

Need Meeting Suggestions
  DAR from Salt Lake
    New AC 90-116, can now take experienced pilot on test flights
  Iphone Apps Demo
  Fish and Game Presentation
  Post Oshkosh Presentation
  March at WestStar
  Tour of Homebuilts and under construction on field
  Pancake Breakfast
  General Maintenance

We need Pilots for Young Eagles if we are going to do the rides.
  Next YE Date April 18, Meeting will be on the 11th.

Sterling and Brian, planes are still there.
Kim, just needs a pilot, working with Sterling to get current.

Shall we have a booth at GJT airchow, Oct 10 and 11? Cost?

Meeting closed at 11:39


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