EAA 800 Meeting Minutes
13 Dec 2014

The December meeting was held at the Golden Coral for a Christmas lunch. At 11:50 the clearance was given to head out for food.

The business meeting was opened at 12:56 by Syndi Jochums.

Guest were introduced:
  Ruth (Pat's wife)
  Julie (Ken's wife)
  Shirley (Ed's wife)
  Sharon (Roger O)
  Rebecca (Ross T)
  Marty (Bill's Wife)
  Anthony (Brianís Assistant & Hawk builder) (John C's junior partner)
  Donna (Ann's mother)

Treasurers Report:
  About $1300 in checking, same as last month -$250 for Hawk starter.
  (Will be read and approved next month)

Web: No problems

Minutes were read and approved.

Old Business:
  Brian is getting better

Thanks to Dwayne for resubmitting Young Eagles data for September 2013 to EAA. (National logbook and pilot'S #'s have been updated)

Syndi will contact West Star for meeting location (date) and tour for February or March.

Eddie Reported on Hawk Status:
  Aircraft presently upside down, Don is cleaning up belly for fabric installation
  Hanger has been cleaned out, stored materials were removed. Much more room to work.
  New firewall has been formed and is ready to install.
  Engine baffling is being built, looks very good

New Business:
  $85 young eagles credit with EAA to be used to purchase safety lines and supports

Bill Marvel reported on GJT gate status. $200K has been allocated for project
  Paperwork with TSA for security change is proceeding
  Arrangements are being made to purchase new ground radar
  Hardest part may be to get new businesses to replace those who left.
  GA Maintenance and Avionics shop are needed.

Brian reported 501c3 corporation papers are in progress.
  Need Name for corporation and officers to put on application
  Cost to incorporate estimated $700-$850
  Can email ideas for name to Brian at bemiller00@gmail.com

Eddie was paid $500 for storing and disposing of items stored in hanger. (It was decided that this is money given to Eddie and it's use is left to Eddie's discretion. The money is to go toward forming a corporation.

Sterling will send out an email to ask for donations to Hawk project.
  He also distributed new name tags.

Elections were then held.
  Barb Friedman was reelected as Young Eagles Coordinator
  Sterling Hurst was reelected as Information Officer (& muffin man)
  Steve Lindemann was reelected as Webmaster
  Ken Hurt was reelected as Treasurer
  Syndi and Lane Jochums were elected as President
  Jerry Friedman and Nancy Hurst were elected as Secretary

Ken will chase down Hawk registration paperwork. (Ken will re register our chapter and pay our annual insurance)

Dues are due, $20 per individual (includes family members)

Meeting closed at 13:51


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