EAA 800 Meeting Minutes
16 Aug 2014

Meeting was opened at 10:21 by Syndi Jochums.

Guest were introduced:
  George Lindemann (Steve's Dad)
  James Canaday From Delta
  Gary Chrisco from Colorado Flight Center, Instructor, new to area
  Gerald Kramer 1373 President

Last months Minutes approved

Treasurers Report:
  $ 25.01 savings, $ 1260.10 checking
  Paid for and received Dakota motor mount $250
    Kens Nephew delivered from Oshkosh
  Don Coleman supplied springs for tailwheel
  Treasures report approved

Web Steve present, website has been improved
  Link to Grans Mesa Soaring added, winch launch is working
  Report approved

Ken, recommended look at updated the website.

Brian, broke his hand on July 4, healing OK

Looking for future meeting ideas, paint demo?

Steve - Who does annuals?
  most work going to Meeker, Coulter field (KEEO)

Dana's wreck is sitting at Jochums, would like help stripping,
  looking to organize weekend after young eagles
  Beagle aircraft might pick up remains

Sterling, Flew to CA in '61 210, great WX, Great time,
  flew over LA on top, no vectors, to KSEE at San Diego,
  Pason AZ to visit, bumpy back to Mack Mesa

Steamboat Young Eagles aid was canceled, turned out to be too complex and disorganized

T-Shirts $5.25 cost per shirt, est $1 per shirt to tie-dye, sell at $12
  Price break at 100, just black printing, voted to purchase 100

Christmas Party, Saturday 12/13, Sterling will plan, Golden Corral 11:30?

Young Eagles: Sign up sheets on desk, Sep 20 8AM be there at 7:30,
  Ken will do wing ribs,
  need registration people,
  Food for Pilots and staff

Registration and bill of sale should be sent in for Dakota, Ken will do when he receives paperwork.

Fabric person did not show up for fabric demo.

James Canaday from Delta spoke on getting young pilot training.

Ed report on Delta,
  looking for more Kids to help,
  Thanks to Pat who does a lot of work at home,
  Working to keep CG forward, all load is aft
  Have new Tail wheel spring and Stainless boot for under spring.
  Firewall needs replacement, chared spots in old wood firewall to be fixed.
  Still Looking for Prop, Don could not find one in OSH
  Have engine mount, still have to repair engine.
  Engine has lots of new parts, looks like it was badly assembled

Meeting closed at 11:47


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