EAA 800 Meeting Minutes
24 May 2014

Meeting was opened at 10:15 by Syndi Jochums.

Guest were introduced:
  JoAnne Dawson (Utah) flying since 2001, looking for an RV6A
  David Baxter, flying since '97, A&P, works at West Star
  Bob Caskey, CAF executive Officer CAF, reported on TBM accident and rebuild,
    Looking for donations for TBM repair
    Hope gates at GJT to be open by June
    Has aviation experience in Alaska

Alfred is back, had been in FL and did not like FL.

Treasurers Report:
  $ 25.01 savings, $810 checking, $ 100 quick cash

  Stve reports ok

Barb Young Eagles report:
  65 first week, 40 next try, great food,
  Curtis from Crestone will be back

Brian VP, introduction,

Presidents Report:
  New name tags to deliver,
  Need ideas for meetings, paint prep? EAA 800 History?

  Lane Moved to make Sterling to be official newsletter person
    Title to be Information Officer, approved

Fly in announcede in Leadeville, 11-1, July 4

Thursday Dakota use planning to be held 29th ihop 1830

Kmart safety fair, booth, on aviation safety? first weekend in October,
  Non profit can try for moneymaker,

June or July meeting with 1373, Blake Field, see Lowel's wood AC

Dana's plane update, insurance hangup, probably will have injunction for years, we will only pick up if insurance company pays,

Roy Everts donated Dakota and Radio
  Exhaust ready to go, donation letter?
  Send $200 for Exhaust and freight approved

Engine Mount, Ken has person to pickup and store,
  Stephen Robbins will donate $250 for Mount, approved to purchase

Dakota belly is closed up, soon to be on gear,

Meeting closed at 11:38


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