EAA 800 Meeting Minutes
15 March 2014

Meeting was opened at 10:15 by Syndi Jochums.

Minutes were read and approved.

Treasurers Report: $ 25 savings, $ 459 checking, still some unpaid dues

Web working well

Request for more Young Eagle people, need more pilots.

Jay Scheevel went down, he hit a ridge, not injured, walked to 16 rd.

Sterling commented on Flight Instructor renewal,
  Known Dangers, Flight (VFR) into IFR
    15% low altitude flying
    min 1500 feet above mountains, higher if windy

Sterling GJT update:
  Some airport owned Vehicles were transfered to employees.
  Need Ground Prox radar to remove the gates, but they are out of money
  False usage reported for new building, has stopped FAA money flow.
  FBI report expected about June
  GJT becoming test airport on changes and procedures

Bill Smith Called Sterling, has hangers at Walker field, 22 are for sale.

  Chris Durham, was once in EAA started Bearhawk
  Simon Durham
  Tom Sherin, guest, had been active pilot.

Calendars still for sale, now $7.50

Dakota Hawk News:

Pat, explained brake mod for co-pilots brakes.
  Brought Mock up with Mod.
  Brake base supposed to be 1 1/2 inch forward of rudder pedals.

Report from ED:
Hawk, some parts have been left out (like rudder pedal mounts)
  Engine mound supports missing.
  Now have the needed paperwork
  Found plywood at $17.10 per sheet, 3mm 5x5 sheets, available locally
  Slowdown due to keep finding new problems
  Gear problem due to wrong type springs installed.
  Improper scarf splice found and most be repaired

Engine mount available for about $600

Approved purchase of plywood,

Dana's salvage rights donated to EAA chapter, cleared to pick it up, can store at Lane & Syndi's

Have data from AOPA on starting flying club for Dakota
  Also have list on place to apply for grants.

Curtis Thompson from Crestone to talk in April about new operation at GJT

ED reported on a new soaring operation in Delta, winch launch demo in April

Meeting closed at 11:38


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