EAA 800 Meeting Minutes
7 December 2013

Prior to the meeting, Steve Wood, a member of the Walker Field Airport board shared with us some of the things happening at the airport. Speaking candidly, Steve said that the airport administrator who is presently on paid leave is not likely to return. A number of airport users are favorable to change in administration and pressure from the tenants and users association is getting traction but is still not where they want to be, especially with the lease situation. Because of the pending investigation there will no new projects for a while.

The EAA 800 meeting was opened by Syndi Jochums at 2:50 P.M. with recognition and welcoming of vistors.

The Minutes for the November meeting were read by Jerry Friedman. Motion to approve was made by K. Hurt and seconded by L. Jochums. Motion was approved.

Treasurer’s report was presented by K. Hurt: Dues are due soon.
Savings $ 25.00
Checking $ 1329.30 of which $ 303.00 is for Young Eagles/Dakota Hawk

Remembering Pearl Harbor!

Old Business:

New Business:

Motion to adjurn: Motion and 2nd. Next meeting in January, 2014.


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