EAA 800 Meeting Minutes
16 November 2013

Meeting was opened at 10:25 by Syndi Jochums.

Guest were introduced:

Treasurers Report:
$25 savings, $1688.75 checking, $283 goes to Dakota

Web ľA webcam from Mack Mesa is now on the EAA800 web page.

Minutes were read and approved.

Old Business:

Xmas Party, Sterling is doing the planning.
Party will be on Saurday December 7, 1 to 4 at Golden Corral
Elect new officers at December meeting.

Ken on Fundraising, WestStar asked for donations funds or parts
We need list of required parts

Hawk #28 on display at the meeting
Ed reported: A Long ride to CA 2544 miles
New AC has 263 TT, built by NASA engineer
Aircraft has had a hard landing, Wings OK(except storage hole)
Oritex Fabric, Prefinished,Glue on,iron to shrink and use.
Peel and stick for trim or repair
Much lighter weight, possible donation for #27 (for PR)
A slab was poured by the hanger,
A heater was purchased for $200
Do we want to spend $100 on gauges?
Trying for Prop Donation from Cato
OH engine available for $3500 (asking) Offer $2000?
New AC, estimate 4 to 5k to repair #27 ande make airworthy.
Sterling Moved:
offer $1200 plus payoff to $2000 over next year
Jay seconded, Voted, passed
A Cessna 150 may be available for donation letter,
Help is needed to work on hanger.
We have Avid flyer less wings, possible to sell for funds.
Need to setup LLC for flying club to operate aircraft.
Ed is donating AP and IA time.

New Business: Looking for meeting programs
Prop Internals
Co flight center after hours program
Colorado RAF
2 young eagles
Calendars are ordered (Sterling)

Meeting closed at 11:29


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