EAA 800 Meeting Minutes
15 June 2013

Meeting began at 1040 hours by EAA800 President Syndi Jochums.

Last meetings notes were not read, due to "technical difficulties" (may be presented in July), though 40 people attended the meeting at Prairie Dog Landing!

Old Business? No!

New Business?

A Repairman Certificate course with certificate will be offered on October 12 and 13 at Mack Mesa Airport from 0800-1700 hours each day. It will include 16 hours of instruction for $375.00. Contact Carol Carpenter at carol@rainbowaviation.com for more information. Reserve your spot early due to a limited size of the class at 16 participants!

Sterling Hurst is in the process of building his plane in the family room of his home. He has one year to complete it for the fly-in at Oshkosh, Wisconsin in July of 2014 (according to Nancy). Good luck Sterling, with this piece-by-piece project!

A Smith mini-plane with a 125 hp motor is for sale for $7,000. Great buy if anyone is interested!

Another donation for EAA800 has been announced! It's an AVID plane, partially built. Ken motioned to accept the donation and it was seconded by Nancy.

Ed and Kim Woynowskie donated a Dakota Hawk, LSA, for the Youth Building and Flying program. The wings were on display in the meeting room, as well as the body in Eddie Clement's hangar. (Several members viewed the wood plane in detail after the meeting). Several people volunteered to help with the building of this aircraft, inclusive of Ken, Kim, Ken and Jake. Eddie volunteered tools and hangar for the project.

Randy Miller has been helping with the rental of the hangar at $100.00/month. Thanks for the support!

John McCullun has lost his lease on his hangar at Walker Field. (Twin Otter will take over this hangar, after John moves out). He needs help to move. John has offered numerous items for the EAA800 group. All we have to do is to pack it and transport it to Mack Mesa Airport. Items include tables, chairs, tool boxes, etc. Meet on Wednesday afternoon (June 19th) at Walker Field to help, if interested!

Lowell Mannery and Syndi asked if we should send someone to Young Eagles Camp?

Lowell Mannery from the Montrose EAA1373 group introduced their representative to Young Eagles Camp. His name is Lane Mangum. He is a 14 year old boy who has been involved with flying through the Pueblo group of Wings Over Colorado. He has built his own miniature aircraft, as well as flying it! Lowell took Lane in a tail wheel plane (178/9) for a ride. Lane enjoyed the trip and learned how to take a turn around, keep the nose steady on the horizon, rudder in and out, speeding up, slowing down, timming, turning, and even a stall. The student enjoyed and did each action with ease and confidence. But, Lane became uncomfortable upon timming for a landing, the first time. So, student and pilot continued to fly for 45 minutes and landed a second time with complete confidence and excellent execution! This kid is a great future pilot who learns rapidly and accepts instruction well. Therefore, the Montrose EAA1373 group would like to sponsor Lane Mangum to go to Oshkosh, Wisconsin for the Young Eagles Camp. Lane's parents are supportive and will supply a ticket for him to fly to Wisconsin. Grand Junction EAA800 has 250 credits through the Young Eagles Program. Therefore, the $1,000 tuition charge will be shared by Montrose EAA1373 at $500.00 and Grand Junction EAA800 at $250.00 credit points and $250.00 cash. The motion was presented by Sterling and seconded by Ray. The class in Oshkosh, Wisconsin will begin on July 8, 2013. Syndi will begin the paperwork with Sterling finishing it. Lane Mangum will be asked to give an account of his Young Eagles Camp to both EAA groups, sometime later in the year.

How does a chapter earn credits from the Young Eagles Program? Each pilot receives one point for the first 10 children flown. After that, each child earns a point.

Jay S. will speak to proper contacts about inspections for amateur and light aircraft.

August meeting will involve tie-dying t-shirts for the Young Eagles fly-in in September. Bring a white/light colored 100% cotton t-shirt to dye for yourself! Remember to wash the t-shirt and air dry the shirt before you dye it! (Dryer sheets create a film on the material which will repell the dye).

The meeting was closed by motion and seconded by many hungry participants!

Submitted by Jeri Hurt


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