EAA 800 Meeting Minutes
13 April 2013

The meeting was called to order at 11:40 by President Alfred Gabelli.

Minutes: Mike Stolle was absent so the previous months minutes were not read.

Treasurers report: Ken Hurt. Checking $1140.86. Savings $25.00. Petty cash $100.00. Approved by membership.

Old Business: TSA information was presented by Wayne Clark, GJ Airport User and Tenants Assn. A website was made available to follow what's going on...gjtalks @yahoo.com, you can sign up and have updates delivered via email if you'd like. They are fighting to get the gates opened up, put all aviation groups on a level playing field and we are encouraged to "Stay tuned for up coming events". (webmasters note: website is at http://gjauta.org/)

New Business: Bill Pitts, GJ Mayor, attended and offered suggestions to help finance our "Build It and They Will Come" project. He offered a couple options that he has tried and have been successful. (1) Two for One Restaurant Deal. Talk to some of our local restaurants about offering a free meal with the purchase of a full price meal. We will sell the tickets and keep the proceeds. (2) Sell tickets and raffle off a new car. This one sounds a riskier, but there is potential for a larger profit. We will discuss these options at a later meeting.

Syndi Jochums discussed next weeks Young Eagles flights. Looking forward to everyone having a good time. Pre registrations are down for this rally, but we are still looking forward to a good turn out. We could use a couple more pilots but have plenty of ground crew volunteers. Thank you to all. Jeri Hurt offered to bring lunch for the pilots and ground crew. We will be selling t-shirts and neck coolers.

Kim Woynowskie has offered his Dakota Hawk, a plane he and his dad (Ed) had been working on, as a donation. It may be a viable option to get the "Build It and They Will Come" project going. There is a stipulation...the tail number must include EW.

Ray Guizak made the motion to adjourn and Lane Jochums seconded it.

Time for hamburgers, brats and friendship.

I would like to thank Alfred for all that he has done for our group since he was elected in December. Alfred informed me before the meeting that he will not be available to complete his term. As Co President and with Jerry Friedmann's help we will finish up the year.


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