EAA 800 Meeting Minutes
8 December 2012

The meeting was held at Judy's Restaurant in Fruita. Lane and Syndi Joachums presided.

The selection of Chapter Officer's for next year resulted in:

Bill Marvel gave an update on the Gate situation at GJT. Steve Woods is now on the Airport Advisory Board and with his expertise, the Board has sent a letter to the TSA requesting that the General Aviation area be separated from the Airport Operations Area. This would allow the gates to stay open and badges would not be required in this area.

Bill also discussed some options for follow on projects for Young Eagles who really have a desire to build and fly airplanes. Several avenues were discussed that would identify the YE's who are really interested, get them into a program to assist in building an airplane and then learning to fly in it.

Presents and certificates were presented to YE's Pilots and Ground personnel and also Chapter Officers for 2012.


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