EAA 800 Meeting Minutes
19 May 2012

The meeting was called to order at 11:12 by Vice President Steve Lindemann in Lane & Syndi Jochums garage/workshop near their 1200 foot "Prairie Dog Landing" firebreak.

Seventeen members and four guests were present. Four airplanes had landed. When Jay Scheevel arrived after noon, the tally was eighteen members and five planes!

Treasurer Ray Guziak reported a balance of $1347.92 plus some more in shirt sales from the Caveman fly-in. He stated that the cost of the shirts had been $618.89 and so far there had been $742 in sales and we still have shirts left.

In Mike Stolle’s absence, Steve Lindemann read the minutes of the last meeting. Sterling Hurst moved to approve them and Lane Jochums seconded the motion.

Guests in attendance were: Barbara Friedman and Alma Sekulich. Later, guests Rusty and Adam Callow (sp?) arrived.

Syndi Jochums gave a report on the Young Eagles program on April 28th. We flew 45 kids. The activities, vests, cones and ground crew helped make things go smoothly. Although we have hot dogs and shirts left over, all costs have been met. We now have 400 EAA “points” to spend toward our Young Eagles program. She suggested buying safety cones of our own since we had borrowed them from the Sheriff’s Office. Two groups have since contacted Syndi about having special programs for their groups. One was a Boy Scout group. We discussed the possibility, but the consensus was that our twice a year flights were enough and perhaps individuals from these groups could preregister for the September YE program which is the week after the GJT Air Show.

Individuals who had flown or driven in were urged to sign the Jochums’ "Prairie Dog Landing" guest book.

Lowell Mannery from the Montrose chapter announced that Ross Hauck of that chapter is selling his RV7A fuselage for $30K and his 172 for mid 20s.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:45 for a delicious lunch of bbq pork & coleslaw and Marge Guziak’s chocolate cake.


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