EAA 800 Meeting Minutes
21 November 2009

The meeting was called to order by the President, Jay Scheevel at 10:30 AM in Dag's Hanger.

The minutes from the November meeting were read and approved.

The Treasurer reported that there is $1198 plus approximately $60 in small change in the account.

Jay reported that our Chapter combined with the Montrose Chapter to order 35 EAA Calendars for 2010. They will cost approximately $7.75 each. We were able to save some money both in the calendar prices and shipping by combining the orders.

Jay discussed the angle of incidence measurements that he has taken on 8 Quickie aircraft so far and his process of relating them to aircraft performance.

The December meeting and Chapter Christmas Luncheon will be held on 19 December at the Grand International Buffet at the corner of 25 Rd and Hwy 6 and 50. It will be a social gathering without a business meeting and will begin at 12:00 noon. The cost will be $7.59 per person and we will have a separate room. All members, spouses, and friends are invited. Jay will extend an invitation to the Montrose Chapter also.

Steve Lindemann announced that Dag is looking for a partner for his RV-8 aircraft. One half share is priced at $35,000. See the Chapter website for more details and pictures. In conjunction with this announcement, Jay noted that Dag would not be vacating his hanger at GJT so future EAA 800 meetings can continue to be held there.

Two visitors were introduced:

Steve Lindemann discussed installing a new radio in his Cherokee. Graham commented on some of the peculiarities of some of the new avionics and how they are not like the radios of yesteryear.

Jay discussed electing new Chapter officers for next year. After some discussion, the following officers were nominated and elected to continue serving for 2010: Steve Lindemann(Website Manager and Young Eagles Coordinator), Ray Guziak (Treasurer) and Mike Stolle (Newsletter). Since Don Coleman is no longer available to be our Vice President, Dennis Crawford volunteered to be VP if Jay would continue as President for 2010. This action was motioned and favorably voted on by the members present. Jay will check with the Airport authority to see if it is possible to get a badge or two for EAA Officers who don't have aircraft at GJT.

Jay commented that we should try and get some media coverage for our next Young Eagles Day to show the types of activities that EAA conducts at GJT. Several sources were mentioned including TV and various newspapers.

Don Coleman discussed his trip to Copperstate at Casa Grande Airport south of Phoenix in October. He noted that attendance was up over the previous year, good weather during the event, and lots of airplanes to look at.

The meeting concluded with Mike Stolle discussing Experimental Light Sport Aircraft. Mike recently bought an E LSA and just took the E LSA Repairman's Course and received his Repairman certificate from the FAA. Mike is tentatively planning to give the same talk at the Montrose Chapter meeting in December.

The meeting adjourned at 12:45 for hamburgers and hot dogs.


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