EAA 800 Meeting Minutes
15 Mar 2008

The meeting was called to order at 10:25 AM in Jeff Buchanan's hangar at GJT. The minutes from the February meeting were read and approved.

A membership roster was circulated and updated by the members. Updated hard copies of the membership roster will be prepared and available to handout only to members at the next meeting. Carla Woynowskie volunteered to update the membership spreadsheet for us.

The Treasurer reported that there was $1,699.15 in the account. Sterling noted that Ken Norris should be added to the roster as paid.

Our guest speaker was introduced: Danny Pinson from Omega Avionics at GJT.

Our Young Eagles coordinator, Steve Lindemann was absent due to illness so Dennis covered the situation for next weekend's planned YE day. The plan was to fly Boy Scouts who require that the pilots and airplanes be approved two weeks in advance. This was done for only two pilots/airplanes: Steve Lindemann and Jim Grady. However, it looks like Jim will be out of town next weekend, leaving only one pilot/airplane. Therefore, it is very tentative whether we will go ahead with the YE day next weekend. Dennis will make a call by Tuesday or Wednesday this week and let members know.

Dennis is going to get some more EAA 800 name tags made, so anyone (or spouse) who needs a name tag should let Dennis know right away.

The Grand Junction Airshow will be held 26-28 September 2008.

Dennis passed out some copies of the RVator and noted that it is now available online.

Sterling is looking for a lockable cabinet to store the donated aviation library books from Mark Howard. It was approved to buy a cabinet for $50 and members commented that Home Depot may have something appropriate.

The last remaining EAA calendars were sold and/or donated.

Carla Woynowskie announced that a Birthday celebration for Ed's 97th birthday will be held on Saturday at Coffee Muggers (Main Street, Grand Junction) from 12 to 4 PM , April 12th. Everyone is invited to stop by and wish Ed a Happy Birthday.

Sterling told the members that Linda Hartter was doing better after her broken hip and was off the walker, but that Lennie was not doing well. Marge Guziak said that she had talked with Beverly Kibler and that she had been down with pneumonia but would be back when the weather warmed up some. Sterling also noted that Don Hamilton was undergoing treatment for lung cancer but hoped he would be able to attend our meetings soon.

Danny Pinson from Omega Avionics was introduced. Danny has experience with certified and Homebuilt airplanes and talked about many topics related to avionics and installations. Some of the areas covered included: Antennas, Transponders, GPS/Coms, and maintence procedures. Several members commented that they have used Danny for their avionics work and were very pleased with the service and products.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:40 AM for hamburgers and hot dogs.


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