EAA 800 Meeting Minutes
13 October 2007

The meeting was held at the Crawford Airpark in conjunction with the Montrose Chapter. The meeting began at 10:30 AM. The following items pertained to Chapter 800 Members:

- Ralph Kibler's son, Steve attended the meeting with Beverly.

- The Young Eagles Day at GJT will be this Saturday, 20 October 2007, starting at 0800 am at Dag's Hangar. Any pilots that can fly students from Debeque School should contact Steve Lindemann or Sterling as soon as possible. Anyone who can provide help on the ground should plan to show up at Dag's hangar at 0800 on Saturday.

- The November meeting will be held on 17 November at Dag's hangar.

- The Christmas Party will be held at Dragon Treasure in Fruita (402 Jurassic Ave) on 15 Dec 2007 from 11 AM til 1 PM . This is a change from what was announced at the meeting at Crawford.

- Colorado Flight Center (Colin and Marissa Fay) will give a presentation at the January 2008 meeting. The meeting was adjourned at 11:30 AM followed by a hambuger lunch. The aircraft in the attached pictures were available for viewing and "tire kicking".


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