EAA 800 Meeting Minutes
19 May 2007

The meeting was held at Dag's Hanger at GJT and began at 10:30 AM. A sign-in roster was circulated and the minutes from the April Meeting were read.

The Treasurer's report stated that there was $2,064 in the Chapter's account.

Three new airplanes were on the ramp for viewing: Graham Meyer's Tailwind, Bob Trumpfheller's RV-7, and Lennie Hartter's Bearhawk (which flew its maiden flight later in the day). Pictures of all three airplanes are attached.

One guest was introduced by Daryl Monroe: Rob Olson was visiting from Omaha.

Dennis and Sterling commented on the great turn out for April's meeting at Delta Airport. Smiley Aviation was a great host. It was noted that they have a self-serve fuel pump with very competitive prices.

Dennis commented that we will get Clarissa her T Shirt for the EAA Academy as soon as we get a suitable picture to put on it. He also mentioned that we need airplane pictures for the Chapter's "Completion Board" that will be coming soon.

The FAA's Proposed User Fees was discussed. It was noted that a lot of proposal's are starting to surface. AOPA and EAA are good sources of up to date info on this subject.

The planned May fly-in Chapter Meeting at Glade Park was canceled. Daryl Monroe said that he is feeling better now and the fly-in will be rescheduled later in the summer.

Ed Woynowskie was able to attend the meeting after a brief stay in the hospital last week. We were all glad to see he is doing better.

Sterling noted that the name of GJT has been changed to "Grand Junction Regional Airport". Several comments were made that GJT is becoming "non-friendly" to small GA airplanes. Dennis read a story about Nucla/Naturita Telephone Company that had a car towed from the parking lot at Weststar without any kind of notice or warning. It was very expensive to get it released. It was suggested that we invited one of the members of the Airport Authority Board to one of our meeting to discuss small GA operations at GJT.

The next Young Eagles event was discussed. The EAA requires 4 weeks advance notice. Possible dates in June were discussed but not finalized.

A Crawford Fly-in meeting will be held in September or October.

The next meeting will be 16 June at GJT. The meeting was adjourned at 11:25 AM and was followed by a BBQ lunch.


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