EAA 800 Meeting Minutes
17 March 2007

The meeting was called to order at 10:20 AM by Dennis Crawford.

A member roster was passed around with a request to update any information that has changed.

The Treasurer reported that a balance of $1985.13 was currently in the account. Members were reminded to pay their dues for 2007.

Guests introduced included: Carolyn and Perry Herigstad from PC Interiors, David Olson, and Ken Norris. Ken recently got his license and has a Cherokee 180.

Sterling commented on some of the articles in Sport Aviation including one about a DC motor that puts out 100 hp and weighs only 88 lbs. He also talked about the proposed FAA User Fees and what that would do to the tax on AVGas. Also mentioned were the courses at "aopa.org".

Steve Lindemann requested anyone who has suggestions for the website to email him. Also, if you would like any personal information on the website, to let him know what you want released.

Dennis passed out the name tags for the members. The cost was $243.60 for all of the tags. It was discussed how to pay for the tags and agreed that members would include any donation they wanted for their tag in the donation can.

Spot Landing Contest: Dennis called Mark at the Delta airport to inquire about having a spot landing contest there. Mark suggested we get with the Montrose Chapter since Delta Airport was affiliated with them. It was suggested that the spot landing contest be held next month on the second Saturday in conjunction with Montrose EAA Chapter. That would put the meeting one week early for us and one week late for Montrose. Members will be notified prior to the event if that date works out.

EAA Air Academy: Dennis has contacted EAA at Oshkosh and Clarissa Webb has been accepted. She has a deadline of 1 June to submit all the required forms.

Membership Rosters: Copies of the EAA 800 Chapter membership rosters were passed out. If any member wants his/her information on the web site, contact Steve Lindemann and let him know what information you would like listed. Otherwise, there will not be member personal info (address, phone, etc) on the web site. Since a vote on this subject was not taken at the last meeting, a vote was taken after this discussion and all members voted to keep personal information off the website and to periodically pass out hard copies of the roster to the members.

Young Eagles: There are several schools ready for Young Eagles flights. The next YE day will be scheduled separately from our normal monthly meeting. It will NOT be inconjunction with the Spot Landing Contest. Members were advised they can do YE flights on their own, but should coordinate with Dag Adamson to verify insurance requirements, certificates, etc.

PC Interiors Presentation: Perry and Carolyn Herigstad from PC Interiors at Walker Field gave an informative presentation on options available for aircraft interiors. They discussed types of seat foam, insulation materials, upholstery fabrics and carpets. They brought samples of the materials they used and answered questions from the members.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:15 AM and was followed by a hamburger and hot dog roast.


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